“Praise ye the Lord, ’tis good to raise

our hearts and voices in his praise.

His nature and his works invite

to make this duty our delight.”


It’s been about 300 years since Isaac Watts paraphrased the opening verse of Psalm 147 into the above stanza.  Later it was Eric Routley who in 1976 further condensed Watts’ paraphrase into the epigram “In praise of God meet duty and delight”.  


Praising God is the duty and delight of all of God’s people, but it especially comes into focus in the work of a church musician.  It has been both my duty and my delight to serve as a church musician for all of my adult life.  I have led others in the praise of God, and they in turn have blessed me in my praise of God.


I discovered the following quote many years ago, but I can’t remember the source or the wise person who first wrote it.  It goes something like this:  “The music of the church should be both beautiful and fitting.  Further, the music of the church should be both beautifully fitting and fittingly beautiful.”  All church musicians try to find music for worship that is beautiful.  Similarly, all composers try to write music that is beautiful.  Many times, however, it seems that finding music for worship that is fitting is harder than finding music that is beautiful.  Moreover, the greatest challenge is to find music that is both fitting and beautiful.  So I continue to seek music that is both because I know that when the music of the church is both beautifully fitting and fittingly beautiful, we encounter the divine and we are abundantly blessed.


There are many resources we church choir directors use to find good sacred choral music.  I’ve been a recent convert to the use of the internet to help find appropriate choral literature and I’ve added publisher’s websites to my list of resources.  I especially value those publishers who provide liturgical help in the form of seasonal and scriptural and topical indexes.


Therefore, this website is my attempt to present my modest output of sacred choral anthems and use the model of a good publisher’s website as my own template.  May you find something here that is not only fittingly beautiful but, just as important, something that is beautifully fitting for your liturgical needs.